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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Speaking Topic: Writing for Publication

This workshop covers the basics of writing fiction for new, aspiring authors. It includes mistakes to avoid and industry standards on how to format a manuscript. We will discuss plotting and compare character driven plots to action driven plots. We will concentrate on characterization in developing realistic and believable characters, ways to make them memorable and briefly discuss layering in sensory detail. We will compare stilted dialogue to natural sounding dialogue. Also, we will discuss POV, give examples of head-hopping, and how to avoid it. Writers will receive a list of trigger words to look out for in finding troublesome passive voice, a list of action verbs to replace boring passive verbs, and ways to cut fluff words in order to tighten and polish one's writing. (For new writers who are writing their first manuscript or starting the editing process of a completed manuscript. It may also help writers who have completed their first manuscript, but are trying to edit their manuscript for publication.)


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